“I believe that choosing the right (Hajj) Agent is vital and will definitely make a difference to your experience of Hajj. I chose Salaheddin Hajj, as I had known the brothers there for many years. They are also known and respected in the Salafi community for people adhering to the Sunnah and free from Bid’ah. However, on a professional level they are highly organised and competent. The price of the package wasn’t important for me as was the carrying out this great act of worship in strict accordance to the Sunnah, although Salaheddin Hajj packages also happened to be very competitive and good value for money.

On a personal account, I happened to share a room with an Salaheddin Hajj Representative during our journey of Hajj. I witnessed first-hand, good customer service, professionalism, sincere brotherhood, caring attitude, a real concern in helping us fulfil our Hajj obligations in the best way as well as being there for us on a brotherly and a business capacity level.

I can also testify to an excellent customer service from the Salaheddin Hajj reps back in the Toronto when pre-registering and giving sincere impartial advice before departure. The reps worked hard to make our Hajj run smooth and easily with the aid of Allaah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala). They slept little and strove hard to make our Hajj run smooth behind the scenes both in Saudi and back in the Toronto whilst we were exhausted and fatigued with the joys of worship.

My gratitude and du’aas go out to all our brothers at Salaheddin Hajj. I can only summarise here the experience of my Hajj journey with Salaheddin Hajj, and this is truly a summary, but what I would conclude is that if I had to go to Hajj again knowing what I know now, the fact that they fulfilled their promises to the best of their abilities, I would gladly choose them again and sincerely recommend to anyone going on Hajj to choose Salaheddin Hajj.”

Abu Talib,  Mississauga



I was fortunate enough to be able to make Hajj last year (2012) and I choose to travel with Salaheddin as they offered a package suited to my requirements. The overall experience was amazing helped by the friendly and professional attitude of the brothers at Salaheddin and best of all it was all done in accordance to the sunnah! The Hajj guide was very helpful to the extent he went out of his way to accommodate the group. He was always available to answer any queries the group had and always contactable. I would recommend Salaheddin to anyone contemplating making the journey! I personally have fond memories of the experience. Jazaak Allaahu khair” (Wa iyyaak)

Luqman, Toronto 


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